Travel insurance Nigeria tip #1: Don’t buy from a travel agent

There’s a good reason why travel agencies are quickly becoming obsolete. There are so many other choices out there. Buy your travel insurance online or call up the insurance company yourself to get the best deals.

Travel insurance Nigeria tip #2: Buy the coverage you need

Choosing to opt for the bare bones plan might be a mistake. Some travel insurance packages come with a nice cheap price, but they are worthless if you actually need to use them. Make sure you go over the exemptions and limits before you sign up. If you own an expensive laptop and it gets lost or damaged during your vacation, you may regret getting the cheapest travel insurance plan on the menu.

Travel insurance Nigeria tip #3: Don’t buy overlapping insurance coverage

According to the rules of insurance, policyholders can’t get compensated twice for a single incident. Before you buy travel insurance, go through your other insurance plans to see if you might already be covered. Credit cards and home owners insurance plans sometimes cover travel, so make sure you know what kind of coverage you already have before you buy.

Travel insurance Nigeria tip #4: Buy annual coverage if it makes sense

If you travel a lot, it makes more sense to go for the annual travel insurance plan. One-off travel insurance plans may be convenient, but an annual insurance plan will save you money in the long run. If you plan on traveling more than three times this year, get the annual plan.

Travel insurance Nigeria tip #5: Read the fine print

Some “worldwide” travel insurance plans don’t include the United States and Canada. Be sure that your travel insurance policy will cover you if you are headed to North America.

Travel insurance Nigeria tip #6: Check the age limits

Some travel insurance plans don’t cover the elderly. If you are over 65, you may need to buy a special travel insurance plan to cover you while you’re away.

Travel insurance Nigeria tip #7: Check the risky activities list

Some travel insurance plans will refuse coverage if you get into an accident while riding a horse, scuba diving, jet skiing or while riding a motorcycle. If you plan on doing any kind of dangerous sports during your vacation, you will need to purchase additional coverage to insure yourself against the added risks.

Travel insurance Nigeria tip #8: Consider airline failure coverage

Airline failure coverage will give you a reimbursement on your ticket if the airline you purchased a ticket with goes bankrupt. If you bought a ticket from a smaller airline company, it may be worthwhile to purchase this additional coverage. The chance that your airline company will go broke before you go on vacation may be slim, but a lot can happen between the time you buy your ticket and your holiday vacation.