When disaster strikes, you need backup. A house is a big investment, so you need to get insurance to protect yourself against loss. Here are five sites that will allow you to survey what’s out there and compare a handful of home insurance plans online without spending time on hold, waiting for an available insurance agent to pick up the phone.

Quote comparison sites: pros

Quote comparison sites allow you to get a handful of quotes delivered to you instantly. After you put in your information, the software checks with partner insurance agencies and sends you the quotes. Using quote comparison sites allow you to save a lot of time if you want to compare home insurance prices.

Quote comparison sites: cons

Be sure to look deeper into your quotes after you get them.   Most comparison sites list only the bare minimum coverage prices, so for that reason the quotes seem very low when you compare home insurance premiums to results found elsewhere. If you need additional or special kinds of home insurance coverage, you may be disappointed because your final quote may be more expensive than the one issued by the insurance comparison site. On the other hand if you only want basic coverage, the prices you get from the comparison sites will be similar to the one you will get when you buy.

Be sure to opt out of receiving marketing messages

All of the below sites will allow you to compare home insurance for free, but the trade-off is that you have provide your contact information. Be sure to find the check box marked “opt out” and click it before you send your information, or else your email inbox and telephone will be bombarded with marketing offers.

The most popular insurance comparison sites in Nigeria

A number of quotes comparison sites powered by the Key Verticals platform technology enables you to obtain a handful of quotes simultaneously if you want to compare home insurance quotes in Nigeria. Examples include:

  1. InsuranceQuotes.ng

InsuranceQuotes.ng queries several home insurance providers to deliver individualized quotes in a matter of minutes. It uses the powerful Key Verticals technology to display insurance listings in real time allowing you to browse through these, make your selections and get served with customized and discounted quotes directly from the insurance carriers within a short while. A customer service helpline is listed on the site, so if you have any problems using the service give it a ring.

  1. eInsurance.com.ng

Need we say more? eInsurance.com is another revolutionary Nigerian insurance quotes portal online also powered by Key Verticals. Thanks to the easy-to-use interface, it is very easy to grab a handful of quotes. See for yourself anytime.