Without travelers insurance, you will be stuck if something bad happens on holiday. Worse yet, you may even find yourself unable to enter the country you planned to visit. We recommend that you use the free quotes feature of this website to compare travel insurance plans. Also feel free to check out the companies listed below if you live in Nigeria and are interested in purchasing travel insurance.


Worldwideinsure offers cheap single-trip insurance to travelers around the world. If you plan to try some exotic sports, an adventure sports rider can be added on to your policy. Even if you are already traveling and forgot that you need insurance coverage, worldwideinsure can help you get the coverage you need. Best of all, you can order your insurance from the comfort of home. Visit their website to get a free holiday insurance quote.


AIICO is one of the biggest insurers in Nigeria. They offer a low cost, bare-bones travelers insurance plan that covers repatriation of mortal remains and sudden illness. While there are more robust travelers insurance options out there, if all you want is to get just enough travelers insurance to meet your visa requirements, AIICO’s travelers insurance will do the job. AIICO offers both individual and family travel insurance plans. Call up your local AIICO branch to get your holiday insurance quote.

Mutual Benefits Assurance PLC

Mutual Benefits Assurance is another well-known name in Nigeria. Their travelers insurance package is a little more expensive compared to AIICO’s, but you get what you pay for. Their travelers insurance plan covers stolen or lost luggage, trip cancellations, delayed departures, missed departures, theft, personal accident and liability and certain kinds of medical assistance. Contact Mutual Benefits Assurance via email or telephone or use their website to get your holiday insurance quote.


Unitrust is partnered with a Swiss insurance company, Evasan. Evasan is the world’s leader in travel insurance for travelers seeking to enter the Schengen area. With Unitrust, you can choose what type of coverage you want to carry on your trip. A variety of personal injury, loss of baggage and emergency medical coverage types are available. Unitrust doesn’t give quotes out online, but you can call up your local Unitrust branch if you’re interested in getting a holiday insurance quote.


Anyone in need of specialty travelers insurance options should visit UnitedHealthCare first. UnitedHealthCare has an international travelers insurance plan that can be used by anyone around the world. There are 22 different kinds of travelers insurance available in 5 different categories: group, individual, student, trip cancellation and specialty. If you are a student, scholar or professor be sure to check out UnitedHealthCare’s discounted travel insurance options to get a big discount. If you plan on doing any adventure sports, there are four different options to choose from. Detailed brochures are available on their website. Call their toll-free number to get your holiday insurance quote.