14. Healthcare Security Limited
Healthcare Security Limited was first accredited by NHIS in 2005 and was one of the first health insurance companies to get re-accredited in 2014. Their website features an easy-to-understand chart that provides a quick look at all of their different health care plans.

13. Defence Health Management Limited
Defence Health Management Limited is jointly owned by the Ministry of Defence and Nigerian Armed Forces. DHML was formed to help fill in the health care needs of the Nigerian military because some medical needs are not covered by the standard military health care plan.

12. Maayoit Healthcare Limited
At Maayoit, the emphasis is on innovation and customer service. Maayoit Healthcare Limited prides itself on its motivated staff, feedback-based customer service system and cutting-edge computer technology.

11. Princeton Health Group
Princeton Health Group has been around since 1999, making it one of the oldest HMOs in Nigeria. It’s affiliated with Princeton Health Incorporated, an American health insurance company whose home office is located in New Jersey.

10. Managed Healthcare Services Limited
MHSL’s core values are quality, promptness, professionalism, empathy and integrity. Any questions about their plans can be answered instantly via chat by sending a message to through their virtual consultant system.

9. Integrated Healthcare Limited
IHL features a 24 hour call center and an IT driven approach to health care. Their benefit package is one of the most comprehensive packages offered in the world, according to IHL’s official website.

8. Premium Health Limited
With over 250,000 members, Premium Health Limited is one of the biggest health insurance companies in Nigeria. According to their promotional material, Premium Health offers individual health care solutions with a personalized touch.

7. United Healthcare International Limited
UHIL prides itself on transparency– there are no loopholes or hidden clauses in their contracts. UHIL’s insurance agents do their best insure that members understand everything about their plan before they sign on the dotted line.

6. Multi Shield Nigeria Limited
Multi Shield offers some of the best preventative care services in Nigeria. It was one of the first 8 health care providers to register with NHIS the first time in 2005. In 2014, Multi Shield completed the NHIS re-accreditation process early again making it one of the first Nigerian health care providers to comply with NHIS’s new accreditation criteria.

5. Mediplan Healthcare Limited
Mediplan provides health insurance for Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Works, Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity as well as the Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development. Mediplan specializes in providing quality health care to Nigerian citizens located in rural areas.

4. Healthcare International Limited
Healthcare International caters to international travelers. Because they have branches in many different countries, its members enjoy quality health coverage both at home in Nigeria and abroad.

3. Clearline International Limited
Clearline has 13 centers and 2000 health care providers nationwide. Clearline’s Director Dr. Segun Ogundimu served as Lagos’s Commissioner of Health and knows the ins and outs of Nigeria’s health care system.

2. Total Health Trust Limited
THT was the first HMO to register with Nigeria’s NHIS. It’s also the largest health insurance company in the Nigerian market with over over 270,000 members.

1. Hygeia HMO Limited
Hygeia prides itself on customer service. According to its official website, Hygeia seeks to deliver a “wow” customer service experience every single time.