Premium Health Nigeria: what’s an HMO?

HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization. In HMO-based health care plans, in the event of a medical problem patients must go to see a physician first instead of going directly to a specialist. HMO plans are cheaper compared to other kinds of health care programs, but the downside is that it can take a little longer to get a health issue resolved compared to other types of programs. For example, if your eye hurts you can’t go directly to an optometrist; you have to get a referral from physician first.

Premium Health Nigeria: is Premium Health Limited legitimate?

Yes, Premium Health Limited is a legitimate health insurance provider. Premium Health Limited is registered on Nigeria’s NHIS (Nigerian Health Insurance Scheme), which means that the government has authorized it to do business in Nigeria. It’s NHIS serial number is 008.

Premium Health Nigeria: how long has the company been around?

Premium Health Limited was started in 1997. Today the company has over 250,000 members and has a network of over 2000 hospitals.

Premium Health Nigeria: what is the company’s corporate philosophy?

According to the company’s website, Premium Health Limited offers individualized world class health care solutions with a personal touch. Its stated mission is to serve its members and exceed their expectations by using creativity and innovation to overcome obstacles. Premium Health is constantly working to upgrade hospital facilities, improve health care delivery and overcome difficulties such as the lack of an adequate health care infrastructure in Nigeria.

Premium Health Nigeria: what should I know about the recent NHIS health care reforms?

In 2014, NHIS required all of its 39 accredited health organizations to go through a re-accreditation process. The purpose of the re-accreditation was to raise the bar and force all health care providers in Nigeria to improve the quality of their health care services. Out of the 39 accredited health care providers, only 14 companies managed to get re-accredited ahead of the deadline in August. Premium Health Limited was one of the first 14 organizations to get re-accredited.

Premium Health Nigeria: where can I learn more about Premium Health Limited?

On the company’s website you can learn more about the company and explore the different health care plans that are available. Unfortunately only basic information is available on the website. To get more information about pricing and detailed information about the various plans, kindly use our quotes form at the top of this page or you may have to fill out the inquiry form or call up the call center and speak to a representative. In addition to its website, Premium Health Limited also has an active Facebook presence. Look them up and give Premium Health Limited a like if you want health related advice and news updates to appear on your timeline.

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UPDATES AS OF 2016: Premium Health HMO appear to have been suspended by the National Health Insurance Scheme for reasons that are not VERY clear as of this moment. Efforts to reach out to some of their staff has also not been successful. We will update this post as soon as we are able to retrieve more verified information.