Nigeria’s National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)

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National health insurance scheme (NHIS): History

The idea of creating a governmental body to address health care concerns in Nigeria had its origins in 1962, but the idea was shot down at the time by government officials. Alhaji Abdusalami Abubaker enacted NHIS into military law on 10th of May, 1999, but the Nigerian public had to […]

HMOs in Nigeria: Frequently Asked Questions

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In 2014, the NHIS required all of their accredited HMOs to go through a re-accreditation process. The point of the process was to raise standards across the board, with the intent to bring higher quality healthcare to Nigeria. Surveys show that most Nigerians are for the most part happy with the newly revamped HMO system.

What […]

Health Insurance in Nigeria: Acronyms to Know

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NHIS is an abbreviation for Nigeria’s National Health Insurance Scheme. The NHIS is the governmental agency responsible for distributing health insurance in Nigeria. Its stated objectives are to ensure that every Nigerian can access high quality health care, to limit the cost of health care and to ensure that all income groups receive equally […]

Top 14 Health Insurance Companies in Nigeria

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14. Healthcare Security Limited
Healthcare Security Limited was first accredited by NHIS in 2005 and was one of the first health insurance companies to get re-accredited in 2014. Their website features an easy-to-understand chart that provides a quick look at all of their different health care plans.

13. Defence Health Management Limited
Defence Health Management Limited is jointly […]